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Peyton and chris l dating

“I listen to them.’’“They would just come up talking to him like he’s there for their amusement,’’ Erik says, grinning as he remembers the first time that he watched Chris get mobbed.

Over the summer, while the show was airing, the brothers had run down to the nearby Corporation Road beach for their morning swim.

Later, Lambton will spend quality time with his girlfriend of several months, a tall, blond woman from Texas.

Lambton doesn’t want to disclose who she is — he turned down “The Bachelor’’ so he could fall in love in private — but it’s safe to say that he met her because of his participation on the show.

Execs promised him that they’d keep his family close by and that he could choose the location of the vacations he’d take with his potential mates.

(ABC declined to comment for this story and told the Globe that Lambton was unavailable as well.)According to Lambton, ABC upped its initial salary offer (he wouldn’t say how much, but another insider said it would have been in the mid six figures). His 61-year-old father, Ed, a prolific poet and former English teacher, works with them.

“Some really good ones, actually,’’ Lambton says, laughing.3 — with Brad Womack taking his place in the throne — partly because he suspects that the women chosen as contestants were cast with him in mind.“One of those women could have been my wife,’’ he says, looking a bit skeptical as he says the words.He lives with his father on scenic Corporation Road.On a recent afternoon, after visiting the Merc for lunch, Lambton travels around town with Erik on a few end-of-season jobs, raking the last of the fall leaves before the snow starts.

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Despite the negatives that come with notoriety, it was a good experience for the family, and for Chris in particular, who in 2009 was still reeling from the death of his mother.

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