Pink triangle dating commodities price chart dating to 1700

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The pink and blue symbolize either homosexuality and heterosexuality, or female and male gender, reflecting bisexuals' attraction to both.The symbol of the pink triangle has been included in numerous public monuments and memorials.

UPDATE: March 2011, Pink Triangle Press sells Cruiseline to First Media Group.If a prisoner was also identified as Jewish, the triangle was superimposed over a yellow second triangle pointing the opposite way, to resemble the Star of David like the yellow badge identifying other Jews.Prisoners wearing a pink triangle were harshly treated, even by other prisoners.In San Francisco it inspired both the Pink Triangle Park in the Castro and the 1-acre (4,000 m It is also the basis for LGBTQ memorials in Barcelona, Sitges, and Montevideo, and the burial component of the LGBTQ Pink Dolphin Monument in Galveston.Until 1985 there was an unofficial ban on placing pink triangle wreaths at the United Kingdom war memorial the Cenotaph, and such wreaths were removed as soon as they were found by officials.

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