Pros and cons of dating a younger person

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Pros and cons of dating a younger person

If you’re not sure how to do this, one method is to simply state how you feel right at the moment and let the girl know about the impact she has on you.

For example, if you’re on a date and feel pressure to think of something interesting to say, then say something like “I feel like I need to come up with something clever to say…” Opening yourself up like this gives her a chance to feel closer to you and connect on a deeper level.

You gain a different perspective; If you have only been dating younger women or women your age then dating an older woman gives you a fantastic opportunity to grow.

Relationships teach us a lot about ourselves so by dating a wide variety of women you open yourself up to learn more about who you are.

You might be happy to find out that it’s possible to carry a meaningful conversation without worrying too much about discussing trivialities.

You also don’t have to worry about returning her home before midnight to meet a curfew.

These kind of relationships have become the new trend especially in Holly wood.

An older woman has figured out what looks good on her, and knows enough about male-female relationships to not bother you with feminine trivialities that usually serve to turn men off.

Older women posses the self-confidence that could only come from experience and the knowledge that they can handle whatever life throws their way.

Deep rapport, is one of the best ways to learn and grow through a relationship.

Rapport is essentially sharing your emotional world with one another.

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