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Mark Goodson did this a lot when updating some of his shows from the 50s and 60s.For example, he took the classic word game, Password, added some clever word puzzles and a very creative end game and came up with Password Plus.While I can admire someone modernizing the set, this set just looked like some C-Level talk show, maybe from Pat Bullard's talk show which was cancelled prior to this show debuting.

It only seemed natural for Chuck to do this since nobody remembered any dating show host aside from Chuck in the 70s or 80s.

The show never got off the ground at all and wound up limping along throughout the 2007-2008 television before being put out of its misery.

The show today, made no major changes to the show, except for its host and its set.

Conversely, you could make so many changes to a show that it no longer resembles the show that you are reviving and just hope that the name itself would bring in viewers.

This is what happened with Temptation: The New Sale of the Century.

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They also needed to find someone who was charming and an overall gentlemen, like Chuck.

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