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When you have in mind all those different ways of approaching girls, you are able to successfully approach girls in every places.: take the SOLIDITY test to determine whether your game is solid... The test contains 13 questions you can answer very quickly; just check the boxes that best apply to you. Let’s start by some solid pick-up lines to approach random girls on the street: In order to successfully approach a woman on the street, you’re going to be clear and transparent, all while remaining solid..

Basically, on the street, people are in a hurry: they usually don’t have the time to talk to strangers (or they think they don’t have the time) and tend to ignore or reject those who come to talk to them (this is especially true in big cities during rush hour).

I know it sounds strange, but that’s the way it works. When you behave as a man who has nothing to prove, girls see you differently than they see the other guys who give it all. Because you do the opposite of what most of the other guys do (they try to prove themselves by being ultra-original and sophisticated). Useful to open girls who themselves look hard to approach.

But there’s more…You must also take into account that in a club, you have the whole night to seduce the girl. No need to give it all on the first impression (as you would to open a girl on the street). That’s why the pick-up lines below work so well…I warned you. Unlike the previous pick-up lines, this pick-up line is quite original, but it remains effective.

Don’t listen to those pseudo-coaches or pseudo-dating experts throwing you all those pickup lines you’re supposed to use anywhere on any girl..

You’re probably going to find the opening lines below banal and lame. Pretty girls are being constantly approached by all sorts of guys who all try to look more original than the others.

There are a lot of possible combinations to approach a girl this way.

I encourage you to make the lines below your own (it’s better to say them in your own words, since it will make your approach more natural): One of my favorite pick-up lines for opening a woman on the street or in a public place where she’s on the move.

Here, it’s the same principle as approaching girls in a club or in a bar. Therefore, you’re not a complete stranger nor a creep.

The difference is that at a friend’s party, girls are a lot easier to open because you’re already socially validated. As a result, girls feel much more at ease with you and are more receptive to your approach.

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You want to approach girls and you need some solid pick-up lines to do so?