Push and pull dating game

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Push and pull dating game

Their marriages are the ones where everything looks great on the outside, shiny and new, and then there is the real story that comes out once the healthy partner has to run for their life.If you find yourself in this situation with your partner and you love them, I highly recommend that you both go to counseling so that your partner can begin to catch on that they are causing the push and pull that goes on. We think it is normal because it is so common, but in reality, it is a catalyst to grow us.

They didn’t respect you when they had you so why the sudden change?Despite your misgivings, you decide to go back only to find out that once again they don’t respect you. This scenario plays out when your partner is insecure in his/her own feelings about themselves.They don’t feel they are worth being with, which subjects you to a Push-Pull Relationship.When you find yourself having grown past that catalyst, know that now is time to grow away and grow on.Have you ever felt your partner pulling away from you and the more you pushed, the more he or she retreated?

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They know that they don’t love themselves and think that you will eventually figure out that they’re not worth loving.

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