Quentin tarantino zoe bell dating

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Quentin tarantino zoe bell dating

I’m also probably telling a little bit of what it means to be behind the scenes. That time felt like they’re kind of in a liberation, a challenging of the status quo. There was a kind of beauty in the fight for change.

If I walked on set and one of my doubles was getting into a fight with one of our leads, I would definitely be concerned and I would probably not have a problem putting my foot down. I reckon it’s also a matter of Cliff having that kind of character where he doesn’t really care if other people like him or don’t like him, agree with him or disagree with him. It’s one of those things that came up when he was talking about Cliff: It’d be easy to write him off as kind of slick, maybe not that talented, over-the-hill, whatever it is.

Janet is very clear that she thinks Cliff killed his wife, but the movie leaves it a little ambiguous. I think that probably really rubbed quite opinionated people the wrong way, and Janet is definitely an opinionated person. I just don’t think he cares enough to try to dissuade people from the beliefs they have around him, and that probably puts people like Janet off. I think that we were under the impression that he’s a veteran and he’s literally killed people. Cliff is a multidimensional character, he’s sort of like the 1969 Hollywood version of the Dude, you know? You’re Kiwi.” If you could live in any other era of time, when would you choose? Honestly, after doing this movie, I would like to live in the ’60s.

This cavalier attitude is sort of what he’s arrived at after living a deeply complicated life. He just kinda, like, loafs through life, doing his shit, and you kind of feel like he could be lazy, but then you see him bound up onto the roof in like two fell swoops and you’re like, I read that Quentin likes you to use your natural accent, and not your American one. Quentin, being that he knows me as long and as intimately, personally and professionally, as we do, maybe thinks I am my most authentic self in my own accent.

“I kind of want to rip that scene and just post it every day for like a month,” Bell says of her cameo.

Near the end of filming for Kill Bill: Volume 2, she injured her ribs and the ligaments in her wrist while simulating being thrown backwards by a shotgun blast.

She needs hair, makeup, wardrobe; she’s going to be Janet.” That’s the joy of filmmaking with someone who’s naturally creative and spontaneous.

I’m the stunt coordinator on What immediately struck you about Janet?

So Janet fires Cliff — or, at least, demands that Randy does — in an incredible, hilarious sequence.

The scene-stealing Janet is played by one of Quentin Tarantino’s longtime stunt actors turned stunt coordinators, Zoë Bell.

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Originally it was Randy, Kurt’s character, who was going to interrupt the fight [between Cliff and Bruce Lee].