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Rest area bathroom sex

Many government-run rest areas tend to be located in remote and rural areas where there are practically no fast food nor full-service restaurants, gas stations, motels, or other traveler services nearby.The locations of these remote rest areas are usually marked by signs on the highway; for example, a sign may read, "Next Rest Area 45 miles", or, "Next Rest Stop 10 km".Driving information is usually available at these locations, such as posted maps and other local information, along with restrooms.Some rest areas have visitor information centers or highway patrol or state trooper stations with staff on duty.The standards and upkeep of rest areas facilities vary by jurisdiction.Rest areas have parking areas allotted for cars, trucks, buses, tractor-trailer trucks (big rigs), and recreational vehicles.Facilities may include park-like areas, fuel stations, public toilets, water fountains, restaurants, and dump and fill stations for recreational vehicles.A rest area with limited to no public facilities is a parking area, scenic area, or scenic overlook.

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