Ruger dating serial number

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Ruger dating serial number

His serial number breakouts are considerably more precise than anything Ruger has put out, and his discussion of which parts were used when is further informative.

He can, for instance, occasionally come pretty close to revealing within a month's time when certain features/parts were changed in a run of a particular model.

Shows my 2018 .40/10mm as not in production as well as my .44spl FT from 2014. Doesn't seem to list the newer Bisley's as such, shows them as Blackhawks- Dave."So I entered a six-digit serial number from one of my Old Models and it came back with a "can't find that one" answer. The shipping date is good to have a s a base line but it tells you nothing for sure about the manufacturing date of the receiver or any of the parts.

When I have time I have a .44 semi-auto carbine to investigate, my second Ruger a 1970 era M77(purchased in 1970) and can always lament the .44 Flat top from 1966 that I let go when I went to Nam, etc., etc.. Lets discuss the details off line, send me a PM if interested.

FYIThe old serial number dating charts are gone from the SN lookup section of Customer Service, replaced by a search window in which to enter the SN.https:// Process/serial History/The website then gives one the model number, a photo, approximate ship date and a link to the latest owner's manual and spec sheet.

If you have a Single-Six .32 H&R Magnum that looks like it has a "star" in front of the serial number, I suggest that you look at the mark under a loop. Or it could have been shipped and returned for some other reason, inspected and then shipped the second time.

It seems I have read somewhere, maybe in the 'Journals', that Ruger serial numbers that begin with a star are duplicate or replacement numbers. If so does it hold true for single sixes in .32 cal also?? If you know where that was printed it would be nice to know. The "star" would not be found on a Single-Six .32 H&R Magnum since those guns are only shipped with a single cylinder. Most likely one used by the company in trade shows like the NRA Annual Meeting, the SHOT show, etc.

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There will always be the occasional "late shipped" gun having bits and pieces that were released considerably after the gun's serial number might indicate, or the occasional gun wearing some older bits from way earlier production that just floated to the top of the "parts bin" at final assembly.

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