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Most South Korean women are not that good in English.

Piti Bhirombhakdi, a well-known entrepreneur and race driver, is staging... Governor checks polluted pond at Na Jomtien beach PATTAYA:--Following complaints by local residents and tourists, Chonburi Governor Pakarathorn Thienchai led a team of officials on August 26 to inspect a sewer-polluted pool of water that had formed on a Najomtien beach.

The best you can hope for for these kinds of shows is to get to see maybe one or two subbed episodes at best when a fandom subbing team decides to sub their biases' guest appearance, I'm afraid. I can actually translate it from Chinese to English (translation is a part of my day job), but I don't know how to do subbing as in I don't know the software etc.

If people don't mind a double translated version (Korean to Chinese to English might lose something in translation), and there's someone to handle the techy part of subbing, I don't mind helping out. I'd love to, because there are some episodes of Dating Alone that I really wanna watch like Yuri, Chanyeol, GOT7's Jackson etc. Everyone was so different in their approaches and responses to the various dating scenarios and situations.

According to , representatives from Pattaya Baht Bus Cooperative have investigated the incident.

They said that baht bus drivers who break the rules and overcharged passengers are reprimanded.

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