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[email protected] M/S Shoaib And Co Govt Contractors [email protected] O ALLAIKUM TO ALL RECENT I BEEN TO MANGLA HAMLET AND MIRPOR KHARI SHARRIF WAS THE BEST I LOVE THIS AREA AND FISHING ITS SO NICE THAT CANT FORGET WE ALL TRYING TO CHANGE SYSTEM IN PAKISTAN AND THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT YOUTH STRONGLY SUPPORT PAKISTAN TEHREEK-E-INSAF PTI Salam Kasy ho sab.... FAAL [email protected] on hotmail...................i thnk yahan sab kashmiri he hain..i mean kay sab apnay he hian not bad at all,,so many positive comments ,, does anyone have any info on the history of AK,,from the time it became AK,,when India and Pakistan became Azad,, I would be grateful for any history,, I understand Islamgahr was known for Akalgahr,, But few yrs ago was changed to Islamgahr,, The name Akalgahr belonged to a sikh person,, ANY HISTORY,, plz forward to [email protected] is not enough, i think photo's of mirpur city should be linked mor and more as its possible. I cant forget twinkling star of Islam Gharh which look like hundred of small glowing lamps into Mangla Dam in winter nights !

As such they are today the major foreign exchange earning source for Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.adnan asif baig matracon pakistan 03005374344 [email protected] Shoaib Central President Salam Pakistan Pakistan Registered Political Party Election Commission of Pakistan Contact Mobile 03335219893 Uk Mobile 00447624084527 Email.AMlik Abdul Quddous Aslamo Alicum Nice work don by Hanif Bahi. It is satuated in District Plandri (sudhnuti) Hope you will add Nalian Pictures soon. Your news and articles will be really helpfull for us. whenever i remember my country i open this site and start to visit. EID MUBARAK TO ALL MUSLIMS AND MY BELIVED COUNTRY PAKISTANslam to ol i love kashmir cauz m kashmiri..m going to start an effort may be u guys be able to get it JUST ONE KASHMIR(JOK)....i have thought a lot about it i need ol kashmiries on one plateform saying v need just one kashmir...that v need some steps that wil hapen when v guys will start doing practically.So kindly send us the news about pakistan ,kashmir and foriegners. i love every site of kashmir despite of any discriminition.......

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  1. One day he sent me a message and gave me his mobile number. He flew from Yogjakarta and reached Malaysia on March 1st. We started chatting but never had a proper conversation, both logged in at different times.