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Sex chat for submissive

You’ll learn more about giving your man a great blow job from the tips in the Blow Job Guide.

To really dive into the submissive role, you can ask your partner whether you can perform certain actions, such as bringing yourself to orgasm or changing position (100 sex positions here).

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Having a safe word, which you’ll read about later, can help put you both at ease.

If you know that pain or submission turns you on, you can also explain how that feels for you.

Generally, a submissive person will be the one who is bound, gagged or blindfolded…or a combination of all 3.

You’ll have to talk to your man about it if you’re interested.

It’s best to talk to him about it well before the fact and not during the heat of the moment.

For example, serving your partner at home or even in public can be a sign of subservience.

You might have a specific routine that requires you to kneel or to drop your eyes when in front of him.

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Many of these things can be adapted to play time in the bedroom and vice versa.

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