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When we left Okanagan the train usually got a late start and we did not go far the first day, probably about six or seven miles above the mouth of the river. The next night we usually got about to where Salmon Creek comes into the Okanogan..second night after that we would get probably to Bonaparte Creek and the next night to Osoyoos Lake. 24-5) Fort Okanagan was more remarkable as a horse guard rather than for its field culture, a fact which is not surprising when one thinks of those great brigades of some 300 horses arriving and departing each year. In the proceedings Hudson's Bay Company vs United States Government referred to above, Alexander Caufield Anderson described the horse range, triangular in shape each side being 25-30 miles in length, one side extending up-river from the fort, the second along the range of hills towards the Okanagan Valley, and thence back down along the Okanagan River. 27) Reproduction of an old map on display at the Fort Okanogan Interpretive Center near Brewster, Washington. Up to four acres of garden were cultivated at the post. FUR TRADING POSTS IN THE OKANAGAN AND SIMILKAMEEN When the War of 1812 broke out, the North West Company took advantage of the situation to persuade the American Pacific Fur Company to sell out its interests in the Columbia region. Compton Brown, The Pilgrimage to Old Fort Okanogan, 1951), Cox records this description of the fort: By the month of September, we had erected a new dwelling house for the person in charge, containing four excellent rooms and a large dining hall, two good houses for the men and a spacious store for the furs and merchandise, to which was attached a shop for trading with the natives. Compton Brown, "Old Fort Okanogan and the Okanogan Trail," Oregon Historical Quarterly, March 1914, p. Our volunteer crew, consisting of OHS and Knights of Columbus members, continues to answer the call. E., Vernon Green, George, Enderby Green, James & Katherine, Vernon Green, Marie, Kelowna Green, Vicki A., Vernon Gregory, Dr. The whole was surrounded by strong palisades fifteen feet high and flanked by two bastions. 22) describes the post as he found it almost forty years later: The fort consisted of a stockade built of fir trees, 14 to 20 inches in diameter and twenty feet long, standing on end with the lower end firmly planted in the ground. Survived by sons Harold and William; daughters Loma Atkinson and Irene Dougans. Particular mention must be made of the work and dedication of our volunteer caretaker, Judy Toms, who does an excellent job in maintaining the site and is knowledgeable and pleasant to all. Maclnnis, Chairman INDEX COMMITTEE The 56th Report has been indexed but has not yet been put in a publishable form. Mac Donald, Chairman BAGNALL COMMITTEE Nothing of substance to report except that Dr. BUSINESS One of our members has donated his time in watering the row of pine trees we planted, and they are growing well. B., Grand Forks Gledhill, Susan K, Vernon Godwin, W. B., Westbank Gorse, Helen, Salmon Arm Graham, Beatrice, Mission Graham, Glenn, Penticton Graham, Mrs. David, Summerland Griswoldjune, Enderby Gustafson, Elizabeth, Fort Nelson Hackstetter, Rene, Toronto, Ont. Then in late summer the brigade would retrace the route with trade goods and supplies for the inland posts. No doubt the newer location afforded a better site from which to monitor river traffic, both that travelling up and down the Columbia as well as that crossing the river, forjudge W. Brown tells us: At this fort is the site of the "upper crossing" of the Columbia. In dollars and cents, our branch has spent very little money on this project. The only major expenditure was for the rock-proof plexiglass that covers the bulletin box (8' x 4') costing 0.00.1 believe it was a very worthwhile project and although the value of the lots on the assessment roll has gone way up, they are tax free. Carlton Mac Naughton, Director PIONEER GRAVEYARDS CAMP MCKINNEY AND FAIRVIEW These projects were a joint project between the Heritage Club and the Oliver- Osoyoos Historical Branch. Thus began the great brigades that have left their mark on the Okanagan landscape to this day. That was an alternate to the "lower crossing" [a few miles down river] and was used when the nature of the property to be ferried — the stage of the water in the river, or otherwise, made the upper crossing more desirable. Her father, James Wright, was the first mayor of Armstrong in 1913. Pictures of these were circulated around the tables. LOCAL BRANCH OFFICERS 1993-1994 SALMON ARM PRESIDENT: Yvonne Mc Donald; VICE-PRESIDENT: Tom Smith; SECRETARY/TREASURER: Nancy Gale; DIRECTORS: Florence Farmer, Mary Wetherill, Ron Willey; EDITO RIAL COMMITTEE: Yvonne Mc Donald, Roland and Jean Jamieson.

I made several trips with pack trains between Okanagan and Kamloops. He and Irene came to Salmon Arm from a Saskatchewan farm in 1935.

Ronald Ellis 139 Ronald Rupert Heal by Graham Campbell Blair Baillie 143 Dr. A consultants' study is now under way to note specific recommendations and has met with opposition from some of the west side residents.

Once the Oregon Treaty was accepted, only territory north of the 49th parallel remained "British" Columbia. She was a volunteer for many organizations and spent many hours as a worker for Red Cross Blood donor clinics. Respectfully submitted by Pat Carew, Member, Kelowna Harley Hatfield, Member, Penticton Bernard Webber, Member, Osoyoos Dorothy Zoellner, Member, Kelowna Peter Tassie, Chairman, Vernon 196 O. Our donations for the year seem to remain the same and we believe they will continue at this level as long as they are on a volunteer basis.

The "...peas, cabbage and turnips..." which Emilius Simpson found at Fort Okanagan in October 1826 must have been welcome fare to the traveller from York Factory and a pleasant addition to the diet of fish, game and tea upon which company servants often depended. N., Journal of a Voyage Across the Continent of North America, 1826, Hudson's Bay Archives) In 1824, Governor George Simpson thought the fort's potatoes the finest he had seen in the country.

Simpson, who was very keen on fort agriculture, thought that "...grain in any quantity..." could be raised "..cultivation to any extent has 12 FUR TRADING POSTS IN THE OKANAGAN AND SIMILKAMEEN never been attempted." (HBC Arch., Research File, "Okanagan, Fort") However, Commander Wilkes in his report described the fort's location to be "..a poor, flat, sandy neck." (Wilkes, U. Exped.) The last brigade to bring its furs through Fort Okanagan arrived in 1847. For 10 years, he was host of "Counter Point Musical Hour." He was past President of North Okanagan Naturalist Club and the Vemon Film Society.

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No indemnity was claimed for Carkooman (Caweeman), Nisqually, Bellingham, Simcoe, Saloush, or Spokane. 393) Gradually, the company moved its activities into British territory. Report - we learn that there are over 30 variants in the spelling of "Okanagan." I shall use the modern Canadian spelling "Okanagan" throughout but note that south of the border the word is spelled "Okanogan.") From the new post, Stuart pressed up the Okanagan and finally through to Kamloops, thus discovering the route which was to be used by fur brigades for the next thirty-five years. 17, page 74) Both Fort Astoria, renamed Fort George, and Fort Okanagan became North West posts until 1821 when they became Hudson's Bay Company posts upon the amalgamation of the two great fur trading companies. 11) However, it was not until 1826 that the route through the Okanagan was used regularly. We repainted and reorganized the main display section in the Christian House (this will be completed this spring). Alfred, Kelowna Hanna, Janet, Salmon Arm Hansen, Gullan, Salmon Arm Hanson, Mary, Vernon Harper, Dave, Salmon Arm Harper, H. & R., Salmon Arm Hart, Suzanne, Tappen Hawrys, George & Nora, Grindrod Hawrys, Joe & Kay, Enderby Henry, Irma, Salmon Arm Holmer, Jean, Burnaby Hooper, Mrs.