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Posted by / 26-Aug-2020 18:59

According to Lexi, boys are the first to ask for nude selfies and girls feel they are under pressure to “do something provocative to hold on” to the boy.

As we conclude the conversation, John’s mobile pings again: it’s another set of naked selfies.This step will mirror recent legislation introduced by the Israeli government which two weeks ago made it illegal to post sexually explicit material online without the subject’s concern.“We are all sexual beings and therefore parents should start talking about sexuality from an early age so they can provide an environment where children can have the opportunity to explore one’s own values and attitudes about their sexuality and develop a positive outlook about their sexuality,” says education officer Stephen Camilleri.“This week’s been a real bonus.” That same day I meet Lexi*, 18, for her take on the nude photos spreading virtually.“I have never taken or sent anyone a nude selfie, but some friends who have in the past are really scared this past week,” she says.

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