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In online advertising, cost-per-click refers to the price paid by an advertiser who is charged every time someone clicks on an ad (rather than every time the ad is shown).The cost-per-click is the dollar amount that the advertiser pays for each click. Researching this post, in fact, was the first time I discovered the definition (SOV = “Share of Voice,” by the way! I had seen it on social media articles and updates and never knew what it meant.Do you have similar acronyms or abbreviations you’ve wondered about? We have acronyms and abbreviations for not only the marketing terms that we use but also the way that we chat back and forth with one another.

Often, this person is helpful in engaging with the community on social media, forums, and meetups.

Fun fact: The “M” in CPM stands for “Mille,” which is the roman numeral name for 1,000 (in case you were wondering why it’s CPM instead of CPT).

CR is the number of people who take an action, divided by the number of people who could have.

In general, an API outlines the specifics of software applications, telling components how they should act on an interface.

Learn more: Zapier’s introduction to APIs Often used in getting to know one another.

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In certain ways, CRM is like an address book with super powers. In email marketing, for instance, CTR describes the rate at which people clicked on a link in an email, taking into consideration the number of people who received the email.