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"The prosecution case built against him included a range of evidence such as witness accounts and CCTV footage.I hope this conviction brings some closure to his victims." The "Rush Hour Prowler" ultimately pleaded guilty to 11 counts of sexual assault and three charges of sexual assault on a minor under the age of 13. He was finally detained by law enforcement authorities this January.After his arrest, Bond admitted to at least 14 different accounts of sexual assaults, between October 2016 and November 2017.According to prosecutors, Bond used violence in these offences and a 'degree of planning as they were committed at specific times of day'.

The trial heard how Grimason and ice hockey team mates went to a local nightclub after playing in a competition in Dumfries.The notorious "Rush Hour Prowler" accused of sexually assaulting and harassing young women and girls for over a year now was unmasked as a wealthy businessman. The "Rush Hour Prowler" nickname came after his tendency to attack and grope his victims between 8am and 10am in the morning, or around 5pm in the evening on the streets of South East London.Kevin Bond, 51, of South East London reportedly carried out attacks of sexual nature in broad daylight before scampering off. The former management consultant, preyed on schoolgoing girls, as revealed in a CCTV footage procured last November, which shows him bolting after an alleged attack.We're quite close-knit here, everyone knows everyone and we feel betrayed by Kevin." Law enforcement authorities at Scotland Yard said that they believe more of Bond's victims are yet to come forward, having initially attributed 26 assaults to the "Rush Hour Prowler." The Evening Standard reported that Bond's youngest victim, an eight-year-old girl, was attacked between 8.20 am and 8.50am in Lewisham on November 13, 2017.On September 18, the same year, the former management consultant attacked an 11-year-old girl in Herne Hill and assaulted five other 13-year-olds in Orpington, Lee, Lewisham, and Blackheath.

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