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Shania twain dating curtis joseph

Defendant wasawarded parenting time on alternating week-ends during the school year, from p.m. First, the trial court’s findings of factare reviewed under the “‘great weight of evidence’” standard and will be affirmed unless theevidence clearly preponderates in the opposite direction. Berger v Berger, 277Mich App 700, 705; 747 NW2d 336 (2008); Vodvarka v Grasmeyer, 259 Mich App 499, 512;675 NW2d 847 (2003).Second, this Court reviews questions of law for clear legal error thatoccurs when a trial court incorrectly chooses, interprets, or applies the law. Third, discretionary rulings, such as custody decisions, are reviewed for an abuse ofdiscretion.Even if defendant has not waivedhis argument regarding the lack of proper cause or change of circumstances, his argument iswithout merit.Defendant argues that there was not proper cause to revisit the custody issuebecause the only testimony that the parties’ inability to co-parent the children was affecting thechildren came from plaintiff and plaintiff’s witnesses.The trial court specifically rejected defendant’s contention that plaintiff’s strictenforcement of the parenting time schedule in the judgment of divorce constituted a change incircumstances.

Peoplev Gonzalez, 256 Mich App 212, 224; 663 NW2d 499 (2003).SHANIA TWAIN WITH A DIVORCE ATTORNEY DIVORCED CHEATING HUSBAND AND IS NOW DATING THE HOME WRECKERS HUSBANDShania Twain's divorce from music producer Robert "Mutt" Lange was finalized this week, and the country singer appears to be wasting no time moving forward with her new man, Frederic Thiebaud [1]WAS IT AN AFFAIR OR JUST CLOSE WORKING RELATIONSHIPImmediately after their separation, it was alleged that the two split because Lange was having an affair with Marie-Annie Thiebaud, the couple's longtime secretary and manager of their chateau in Switzerland. Defendant was awarded parenting time on alternating week-ends and for one eveningeach week on the weeks he did not have parenting time on the weekend.[1]AND THE BEAT GOES ONTwain was recently spotted getting cozy with Marie-Annie Thiebaud's ex-husband, Frederic, at the Swiss Red Cross Ball on May 29, according to a recent People report. On August 14, 2008,defendant filed a petition for change of custody, seeking equal parenting time for the parties,with custody of the minor children alternating each week.Atrial court may modify a custody award only if the moving party first establishes proper cause ora change in circumstances.MCL 722.27(1)(c); Vodvarka, 259 Mich App at 508-509.

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The facilitation and encouragement of such relationship is one of the twelve best interest factors, and based on the testimony presented, the problems between the parties are having asignificant effect on the well-being of the children involved in this case.

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