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Sheena Fujibayashi was a foolish young girl in love. It puts a grin on her face when she can prove him wrong. Well, it had to be someone who made her blush, heart race, and mind spin. Oh, just leave her Dream-chan, she'll stop that once the shock wears off. -turns back to readers- Dream-chan is Keirii's newly born thrid chara!

She should be able to deal with that type of stuff herself. But can she even do it Amu can't find a Halloween costume she likes but when Ikuto suddenly drops in, he gives Amu a great idea. Little does she know that she will get a huge surprise from a drunken Roy. Now with his own human form they both have to deal with new freedom and loss, as well as unfimilar feelings. slight Sx M and Kx CBecause even saints have their limits and Penelo knows she can never compete. Amuto Rukia's a Marshall and Ichigo is her unbelievably good looking witness. When Arcadia Morreno receives her first dare she is less than impressed to find herself tasked with seducing Draco Malfoy. Vidina x OCRiza goes to pick Roy up from the bar in what she deems as the typical Friday night. ROYAIChronax Ragnarok, In the battle to bring Chrona back, she becomes seperated from Ragnarok. But what happens when a certain little king finds out after he's been trying to win her heart? Are you really really reaaaallly sure you’re not infected? 3,000 word drabble written for Ichi Ruki Love Contest. It's a great night for trick-or-treating and even Dia joins in the fun! After all, she's only one girl “So, I’ll ask you one more time. Yasuhara has a little plan to push Naru and Mai together through the wonderful medium of tea.. On the way to his new home circumstances alter, hearts change, and danger leaves their precarious future very uncertain.

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S-a…” She leaned towards the cool towel he placed on her forehead.

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