Singapore lesbian dating site

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Singapore lesbian dating site

My parents don’t harp on me anymore because I’m dating a guy now but they often refer to my ex as a ‘phase’ I was going through.It’s hard to get them to understand that sexuality isn’t a phase.

Our relationship turned rocky and we eventually broke up.

I accepted my parents’ disappointment regarding my sexuality but I’m praying they’ll come around eventually.

Kylie, 23 Following a friend’s advice, I decided to embrace who I was instead of trying to define myself under a certain label.

YB, 22 My parents didn’t mind that I grew up like a tomboy, so I assumed they were fine with me coming out as a bisexual.

But when I told them I was dating a girl, they reacted badly.

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In fact, she stayed over at my place so often that they started treating her like family.