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The Short Version: Taylor Francois-Bodine started matchmaking as a hobby while working in Washington, D. Her high-profile matches turned into lasting relationships so often that she decided to leave the political world and form her own matchmaking firm, Francois-Bodine Consulting.The boutique service is small enough that Taylor meets and matches every client using her unique proven methods, and she works only by referral, ensuring she is giving each person a customized experience.“I started working with Washington elite and was eventually referred to celebrities, presidents of large corporations, and the like,” Taylor said.Initially, Taylor mostly worked with successful men looking for love, but she’s found herself taking on more female clients.

And highly successful people often find their difficulty in finding a suitable match even more surprising and sensitive.

She shared the story of a client who was smitten with a gentleman whose photo Taylor had shown her.

Since they were both busy professional people, though, neither the client nor the object of her affection could find a time to meet.

At the same time, though, Taylor wants to prevent her clients from learning too much about each other before they’ve even met in person.

“Most of the time, you already know everything about the person, but when you get to the date, there’s no spark,” she said.

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Within six months, they were engaged.” Taylor said her clients have to be involved and invested for her matchmaking process to work.