Sober dating los angeles

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Sober dating los angeles

“I also had many friends who felt the same way, and I figured there had to be a middle ground.” From that place, she and meditation guide Biet Simkin created Club Soda.

As Warrington puts it, it’s “a space to talk honestly about our conflicted relationship with booze—there’s so much stigma about saying you no longer want to drink!

Eventually, she enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous, but found that it wasn’t quite what she was looking for.

“I don’t identify with the label ‘alcoholic,’” says Warrington.

“Between the yoga, the music, and the energy of like-minded people, everyone is sharing a powerful and engaging experience that makes them feel things,” says founder (and DJ) Justin Henderson.

“Not drinking in social situations, when you’ve always had a drink in your hand, is really hard for many people,” she says.“Instead, we lovingly work hard to create a magical environment for guests to feel welcome, safe, and empowered.Who needs alcohol when you’re surrounded by the brightest conscious leaders in Los Angeles?The Harbor Area preserves historical information regarding the beginnings of A. in the Harbor Area and background information of the various groups and meetings that are, or have been, in existence.Contact the Harbor Area Central Office for more information, or find digital copies at the link, below.visit the archives There are directories which contain listings of regular and selective Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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Drinking wine, spirits, and the like has been at the center of social occasions since the Greeks and Romans.