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Society tteenage dating in britain

“Victorian” became a synonym for prudery at the turn of the last century, largely because Victorian culture prized sexual restraint and banned any talk of physical love from the public sphere.Women of the middle and upper classes were expected to conform to the sentimental idealization promoted by the literature and art of the time.

After World War II people all over the world started working hard and respecting the values they were brought up with.

By 1890, the British Empire had claimed a quarter of the world through colonization, yet domestic life became increasingly limited, as social expectations were set by the Victorian period’s cultural emphasis on propriety.

Because of this, courtship was an extremely codified affair.

Poor couples generally made an effort to be as respectable as their wealthier counterparts, but the rules were more lax.

Once a working-class couple decided to marry, they could socialize together with only a younger sibling as a chaperone.

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