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Check out some of the weirdest, most random and wtf themes they’ve aired in the past: Life is complicated. It’s hard to say this refrán without thinking about Alexis & Fido’s 2009 hit song.6. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. It’s a perfect proverb for helping a person decide what kind of company they should keep.7. The devil knows more because he is old than because he is the devil. This saying also warns against elders who may be sly or have bad intentions.8. It also calls out quick fixes that don’t serve to address larger issues.9.

Luckily, Latinos have sayings, or refrains, that help with managing expectations and making better choices. The meaning behind this refrán is that a new relationship, or lover, can help a person get over a failed relationship.5.

Think of New Year’s Eve, Cinco de Mayo, or birthdays.18. They will, however, demand, the house remains clean at all times no matter what. Her daughter Raquel caught the whole thing on her cell and her mom is going off on their dog Maxie.

This is what you say when you plan to have an absolute blow out party! While this saying may seem like an insult, it works as a playful way to tell someone to go to hell without sounding so vulgar.19. So let’s just say you bring a dog or cat home, there’s no way in hell your mom will throw it out on the street (we hope not anyway).

Watching Spanish TV channels will open up a window to Spain, its culture, its language and its way of life.

However, as well as watching certain movies and television series in their original version, you can also watch some shows in English, too.

Telemundo’s “12 Corazones” has aired over a hundred episodes since its premiere in 2005. This saying is akin to ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ A great refrán serving to inspire vocalization of needs and wants.11. That would be horrible and probably not something you could prove anyway.

Most would agree each of those episodes were unlike anything else on TV. This is a great piece of advice that addresses the way self-deception is harmful. This idiom more accurately translates to ‘silence is golden.’ This refrán extols the virtues of discretion.10. Plus, we doubt Raquel’s mom would want to know that he suffered from PTSD from mortification of having to pick up his own poop.

The idea is that the person went from one bad situation to an even worse situation.15. It works particularly well when directed at teenagers who attempt to be deceptive but are really transparent. Yes, she took the dog to the bathroom so he could flush it down the toilet. Maxie again looks guilty as charged and won’t look at the trash but understands what he did wrong.In 1990 the first private channels began to appear and in the 2000s analogue television started migrating to digital television – analogue TV services were officially discontinued in 2010.Prior to the switch from analogue to digital, a UK television set would not work in Spain.Beyond offering sound advice, some clever sayings, when dropped like jewels at just the right moment, help transform tension into laughter. This dicho is the equivalent of saying, “It’s complicated.” It’s a great way to explain why a couple doesn’t live together, or why they are not married.4. While some sayings seem outdated, folk witticisms leftover from the early days, they address elements of the human condition that are timeless like love, jealousy, ingratitude, and morality. This saying is great for those moments when the fear of being alone starts to kick in. This pessimistic proverb suggests long-distance relationships provide fertile ground for infidelity.

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