Speed dating belfast northern ireland pros and cons of dating older guys

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Raising a family single-handedly, longer working hours, less socializing and financial restrictions mean that for many, the traditional ways of meeting potential suitors are being replaced with online dating and social media sites.But according to Jennifer Haskins, who gave internet dating a go, these have their pitfalls when it comes to separating “the men from the boys”.Of the men there, I can only say that most of the women I chatted to seemed to think they were a fairly normal bunch.The clichés about the creepy males who attend these events did have some foundation in truth, however.Nearly every woman I spoke to had brought a friend and almost all said it was their first time.

QFT press officer and singles-night organiser Sarah Hughes explained to me the difficulties in getting men to sign up, something that was certainly evidenced during the evening by the uneven gender balance and the rather sinister/hilarious ‘holding area’ for spare women – where they waited until a table became available.The evening begins with the surreal terror of a lifestyle coach pointing out body language techniques and what we should all be looking out for as 50 people simultaneously sit on their hands and try not to make eye contact.After that comes the easy bit – the talking to people bit.The search for a soul-mate can be an eternal quest for many people; a constant stream of broken romances and serial dating in the hope of finding “The One”.Love may blossom over the office water-cooler or in the meal-for-one frozen food section of your local supermarket, but for others, the perfect partner might prove harder to meet.

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Happily though, I was bolstered by a couple of rather selfless friends offering to join me on the evening 'for moral support'.