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Held for the second consecutive year, the overall goal of the ‘speed dating’ workshop was to provide a platform for partners to share and identify opportunities for collaboration, and common program areas and activities in FY19 work plans.

The first session of the workshop involved a reflection on the successes, challenges, and lessons learned in the joint implementation of action items identified by different partner organizations during the 2017 workshop.

Africa Lead (also known as PREG Learning) facilitated the FY19 ‘speed dating’ joint work planning workshop for USAID’s Partnership for Resilience and Economic Growth (PREG) on 9 August 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Thirty-one participants, representing 15 partner organizations and USAID attended the workshop.

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Since then, we have successfully used SERVIR’s satellite technology expertise to install sensors on water boreholes.

This has made it easier for our staff and communities to monitor individual boreholes and ensure timely repairs to dysfunctional boreholes,” said Beatrice Akinyi, Kenya-RAPID’s Agriculture and Nutrition Advisor.

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During the ‘speed dating’ session, each partner identified at least two partners with whom they had opportunities for collaboration and discussed concrete ways in which they would partner to implement them in FY19.

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