Speed dating venues in johannesburg

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Speed dating venues in johannesburg

With the extra hands on deck, they can grow their business, and test the viability of the match over 12 months.

Funeke says, “I have a diploma in communications, but haven’t had work in over a year.It is wonderful that Raizcorp can play an even bigger part in creating some good for small businesses,” says Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp.“We’re helping small business grow and at the same time opening the door for unemployed youth,” says Jake Willis, CEO of Lulaway, SA’s leading youth-employment engine.I have constantly worried that I would never have my own money. I couldn’t buy warm clothes for winter, and some days didn’t know what I would eat.” Funeke received a job offer from HBS Technology, a software-development company focused on e-learning solutions.Until now, the business which employs four people could not afford to hire someone to fulfil administrative functions.

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The youth unemployment crisis is being highlighted during youth month.