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We also want to provide a quantified value for converting relationships to lost EHP, and a framework for comparing whether increased happiness is worth the lost EHP.We will start simple in this first installment, and try to quantify the lost EHP of relationships.There is no question that most IRL relationships do negatively impact average EHP gain, so we will focus on whether the happiness output of a relationship outweighs the lost EHP.

Perhaps I should have chosen a more clinical and deliberative setting. I wouldn't say its like a great thing, but it could be so much worse? Q: "Do you think Runescape makes me more attractive/hot. A: If that was the reason and it really made you happy, you do you.

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The Spicy Life challenges you to take a different approach to forming and maintaining relationships. Spicy Mari brings you raw and uncut expert advice from the relationship industries top professionals.

Despite this, I think this conversation serves as a useful jumping off points for the rest of the article. (, you should constantly be thinking about how allocating time for in-real-life activities takes away from account progress.

Q: How many hours a day do you think we spend together that I would otherwise have to myself if we weren't together? Q: Do you think my passion for Runescape is a good thing? This is the same concept as considering purchasing decisions by their time-value - e.g.

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