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Putting himself out there in a dance class, where the consequences of messing up aren’t far-reaching, was great practice for putting himself out there in more serious ways, creating more opportunities in his professional and personal life.A good swing dance leader can lead without telling, can “listen” without hearing words, and allows his follow to shine in her style.And if he’s willing to personally shatter a stereotype that would apply to him, I know he’ll have my back when I want to break some myself (i.e.the promiscuous and body-revealing Brazilian woman). Social swing dancing is a fun, not-too-serious endeavor.Sign up or Login to find swingers that live near you.True Swingers is the hottest swinger social network in the world.Swing dancing classes are taught with rotating partners.In other words, you do not dance with the same partner all night, not for the lesson, and not for the social dancing, either.

Coaxed by a few girls he met at a random event, he decided to check out the club, even though large crowds and meeting random people wasn’t something that as an introvert, he was entirely comfortable doing.

He’s not a jealous man, and I’m not a jealous woman.

My husband’s a white guy, and according to popular stereotypes, white guys can’t dance. OK, I’ll admit that dancing by himself is still an awkward thing, but once he’s got a partner, this man can dance.

Most social swing dancers are out on the dance floor to have fun and maybe even a few laughs.

Many social swing dancers repeat the line that “there are no mistakes; only new moves.” A man who’s willing to adopt this attitude is a man who can laugh at himself, and a man who can laugh at himself is fun to be around.

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Having been in the swinging scene for more than 40 years between us, we are obviously not soft swingers ourselves, but we remember what it was like when we started out and we are here to help.