Takeshi kaneshiro dating

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Takeshi kaneshiro dating

Now I'm going to introduce you to Takeshi's movies and dramas which made him to be the kind of actor he's today.

even talked about Takeshi's talent and spoke highly of his depth and versatility.

plays the role of a perfectly intelligent strategist Zhuge Liang, who together with charismatic leadership of Gen, played by brilliant genius Leung Tony, is helping in the battle against evil General Cao Cao.

The whole movie doesn't stop being interesting not for a second.

I have so much to say and write about this 41 years old actor because he is simply Takeshi Kaneshiro- yes, the man who was born and raised in Taiwan, has Japanese citizenship, lives In Japan, who speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese and English fluently; the man who embraces multiple cultures, who is a singer, actor and model at the same time and who hasn't had any scandals in his life, he is no doubt a true man and example to all the others in the same industry.

First time I saw this wonderful creature was when I was 13 years old and on TV they played a movie called Too Tired To Die and his co-star was actress The movie wasn't my cup and didn't like it at all (although there were some great scenes with Takeshi) but I vividly remember that I told my sister back than that I found my biggest love number three. When I look back those first three spots haven't change at all. So I'll try to make you start wondering about this man and wanting to see more of him (of course all of you who love him you already understand me, jut support me in this ;) ).

You can never go back and you stay under his spell forever.You get to see so many talented and amazing people entangled in one project and in the end you get to see one magnificent movie.Takeshi and Tony have such a fantastic chemistry and they make this movie to be so great.Forget about the plot, the characters, the intrigue (which are all splendid in the movie) and just focus on the visuals.There are interiors of elaborate richness, costumes of bizarre beauty, landscapes of mountain ranges and meadows, fields of snow, banks of autumn leaves, and a bamboo grove that functions like a kinetic art installation.

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