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Teacher dating student yahoo answers

Even if he knew how to operate presentation software or a projector, he wouldn't have needed it. Relevancy/Need - Students will be engaged in activities that are perceived as necessary - and this feeling is not obtained by the teacher simply saying, 'you need this'.

Kevin Mc Gifford, teaches a career prep class in British Columbia and he has built perceived need into his classroom activities.

The educator's challenge in this arena is to keep a look-out for the 'needs' inherent in a modern community, and to thereby delve into place-consciousness.

Once the content is tied to something that is relevant to the student - the engagement then takes care of itself.

Engagement can occur when any one of these portals exists in great abundance, or when smaller amounts of a number of them combine to tip the balance from apathy to interest: Perceived Expertise - When I invited a former WWII submarine captain to my class he did not need to do anything but speak and my students were engaged.

In addition, you can listen to a ten-minute conversation I had with Bryan and Debbie about this topic on my BAM! You can listen to a short conversation I had with Ben Spielberg and Ted Appel (the principal of the school where I teach) about an innovative process of evaluating teachers on "teacher inputs" instead of "student outputs." Now, it's time to hear from today's guests: Response From Julia Thompson Julia Thompson is a teacher, consultant, and best-selling author of several books for teachers including The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide.

Thompson maintains a Web site for educators and a blog, and can found on Twitter at @Teacher Advice: When students are engaged in learning, there is movement and laughter and sometimes lots of noise.

Fun/Stimulation - Games, simulations or quests have a built-in engagement factor.

Scott Harkenss teach senior sciences at Penticton Secondary and he introduced me to scavenger hunts.

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I feature Major Project Planning Sheets in my book and these templates allow students to select any of the unit outcomes that will be the focus of their major project.

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