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Teens and dating survey

Consider these potential sources of stress for teens: Academic Stress From grades to test scores to applying to college, teens experience high levels of school-related stress.

The reported incidence of teen dating violence varies significantly across studies, yet even with variation the known prevalence rates establish it as a serious problem in the United States.

Family Discord Stress trickles down, and anything that impacts the family can affect the teen.

Unrealistic expectations, marital problems, strained sibling relationships (including sibling bullying), illness in the family, and financial stress on the family can all trigger a spike in teen stress.

The survey indicated that, of those men, more than half had their first experience prior to age 24.

Note: Intimate partner violence includes any form of physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression, and control of reproductive or sexual health.

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The 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), a national survey of intimate partner violence and sexual violence, collected reports of lifetime intimate partner violence from a random sample of women and men 18 and older.