Texas dating stanley idaho

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Texas dating stanley idaho

We met a man, Rex, a worker at Salmon Meadows RV Park who said he was a former pupil of Dennis.

We stayed but one night there and then traveled up US93 to Northfork, a one store town nestled on the banks of Salmon River.

Tomorrow, August 22nd, we’ll head toward the Montana/Idaho border to ride the Hiawatha trail.

Tara looking for dates of the newspapers we found pasted on boards most likely as an an attempt at insulation and wind blocking.

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Coming out of Stanley, Id, we headed north and east on highway 75.

This board had been taken off a wall and set in the position we found it.

There is not much of the dam left as in 1934, the USF&G contracted to have the dam dynamited after the mining company went bankrupt to provide for fish runs up stream.Here is a succinct website with the stories: From US 75 we turned left onto US 93 going North to Salmon Idaho.Until about 1974, my Uncle Dennis and his family lived in Salmon where he taught High School.On one visit I remember from about 1972 give or take a few years, my uncle took my 3 brothers and our dad to two old mining towns in his Jeep pickup.As a ten year old, the thing I most remembered was the the bioler the mine had used as it had been over pressured and the side was blown out of it.

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So finding those two old mining tons was the goal of this visit.