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The 5th wheel dating show

I have a third-person point of view into what modern romance means for my generation.When you look at your friends in relationships and see how they treat one another with respect, how often they make each other laugh and have fun and how they do and don't show affection, it shapes you.If you've been in a relationship long enough, people will begin to identify you as one entire person.You won't just be Jill, you'll be known as Jack and Jill.

Be picky with who you date, and choose your partners wisely.

As the perpetually single friend, I often find myself the third wheel, or even the fifth wheel, on group outings.

Nine times out of 10, you can catch me rolling through with my crew and their significant others to a social gathering or outing, especially around the holidays.

Until then, remember, you're not alone as the third wheel and you won't always be the third wheel.

There is nothing like setting up your home with a backyard that includes mountains or rivers.

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They speak for their company Trades of Hope, while photographing their travels along the way.