The dating game tv show rules

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The dating game tv show rules

According to Beijing-based CSM Media Research, the audience share for If You Are the One increased from about 1 percent in its first month to a peak of 4.2 percent in May.

The average share for the first 22 episodes was 2.3 percent.

Similarly, said Wang, so-called material girls like Ma also represent a section of society.

"Although the number of these women is not few, I feel their attitudes and beliefs are amplified by the media," he said.

Striking a balance Of course, the controversy attracted only more viewers, leading to some raising concerns that television producers encourage, or even manufacture, such outlandish comments.

Jiangsu TV's popular dating show, If You Are the One, is filmed in front of an audience at the channel's studios in Nanjing.

The success, say analysts, was mainly due to a combination of highly attractive female contestants and the blunt, sometimes offensive comments they make.

Qian Wei, 26, who works in the media, said she is an avid viewer of dating shows but used to prefer If You Are the One for its flashpoints.

Producers have revamped the show's style following orders from China's radio, film and TV authorities.

[China Daily] "The (recent) episodes of If You Are the One prove that dating shows can be entertaining and mainstream at the same time," said Zheng Baowei, director of Renmin University of China's research center of journalism and social development.

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"These shows need to strike a balance between commercial interests and social impact." As the temptation to use sensationalism to attract viewers grows (a result of the changing tastes of the traditionally conservative Chinese audience), the media needs to shoulder more responsibility, argued Zheng at Renmin University of China.

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