Tupac left eye dating

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Tupac left eye dating

Ray-J and Frank Alexander (his bodyguard) confirmed that he indeed did have sex with Biggie’s wife Faith Evans.

Big Daddy Kane, Shock G and Treach from Naughty by Nature all have told stories of Pac getting busy with chicks in interviews.

[Intro] (Untouchable) Untouchable [Verse 1: Left Eye] Look at how you found me I'm lookin' around me, sayin' these are my friends It's a strange world, my enemies are my friends More of the same street, same world, same problems Is it different? The only difference is me I see inside the truth Feel bad you don't know the day gon' come When God has taken you I see the invisible spirits, walking along the physical mind Of a crazy individual Where demons still find it livable I need a hug to hold my soul Inside my body I got this secret here yeah, I should have told somebody Cause ever since, I've been saying things I never meant It's like I was speakin' in tongues The black breath in my lungs I won't allow it But the cowards live under the dirt in and the flowers huh Ready to come up in the darkest hour It ain't the courage of my persona You wanna admire, it's the faith Cause with the faith I can walk through the fire Now feel me [Hook] I know you feel me it's the untouchable (Untouchable) Make yourself presentable I'm listening to mysteries of the untold (uh-oh) Echoing inside my soul I know you feel me it's the untouchable (Untouchable) Make yourself presentable I'm listening to mysteries of the untold (uh-oh) Echoing inside my soul [Verse 2: Left Eye] Sometimes I'm feeling like I'm sinking Thinking, what it's like from on the other side When I look at myself it's like my love had died People thinking of getting richer I'm using the blood of the loves that I lost recently To paint a perfect picture Can you see the future?

Future endeavors That'll make us better Using the light from my wings to make us fly together Guide my people to a place like what we imagined My duty now is to God There's no more beauty pageants (But the creator) would give me the chance to thank Him Me and you finally for what they made us Is it a game that we still playing?

She also had romantic love affairs with Marion ' Suge' Knight for several months.Her net worth was Sweet and sexy lady, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was born as Lisa Nicole Lopes in the early 1970s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America to Wanda and Ronald Lopes. Lisa's father Ronald Lopes was also a talented musician; he was a good at playing harmonica, clarinet, piano, and saxophon.As a child, she was enrolled at Philadelphia High School for Girls.Though he was oppressively strict, she began pursuing her musical dreams at a young age. She and her siblings formed the musical trio The Lopes Kids when she was ten and they sang gospel songs at local churches.During her late teens, he auditioned for a new girl group which was called 2nd Nature.

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To avoid a truck, she swerved to the right and then to the left to avoid an oncoming car.

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