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Twitch and kherington dating

The individualistic spirit was even seen on a rainy Halloween night in Aggieville. "Rural western Kansas students who want to go to medical school usually come to K-State for pre-medicine." "People like the program because it is smaller (than KCI)," Dale said. It just worked out better for me." For Sharon Miller, sophomore in political science and a prelaw student, K-State was financially more feasible as compared to going to a school in the East. 33 I believe it would be preferable to renovate Ahearn. Austin 4 KState 1 Northwest Missouri State KState 8 Southwest Missouri State 3 KState 1 Nebraska-Omaha 1 KState 8 Nebraska-Omaha 2 K-State 3 Missouri Western State 2 KState 3 Missouri Western State K-State 7 Marymount 4 KState 5 Southwest Baptist College 5 KState 1 Washburn KState 2 Benedictine 1 K-State 5 Washburn 1 KState 5 Washburn 2 KState 5 Nebraska 6 KState 2 Nebraska 2 K-State 1 Washburn 3 KState 6 Washburn KState 20 Emporia State 1 K-State Emporia State 12 KState 1 Iowa State 3 K-State 2 Missouri 4 K-State 3 Cloud County Community College 2 KState 3 Cloud County Community College 5 KState 2 Wichita State 4 KState 6 Wichita State KState 4 Northwest Missouri State 5 KState 3 Northwest Missouri State 4 KState 2 Creighton 6 KState 1 Creighton 3 K-State Nebraska 4 KState 3 Nebraska 1 K-State 1 Iowa 3 KState 2 Minnesota 11 KState 2 J base in the seventh inning to win 3-2. Sweeping their next doubleheader against Washburn gave the Cats a 16-13 record, tying the school record for most wins in a season set in 1976 — the year when women's varsity softball started at K- State.

As a side note, these portmanteaus show best when using the escape sequence: [= and =].

But the changes in taste for fun and clothes didn't rock any traditions about good old-fa- shioned college life, isa photos by Scott Williams DE3STT LIFE The seven-week itch Students barely settle in before the urge to get away for a few days hits 10 Asteroids and empty pockets Saving quarters is next to impossi- ble for addicts 14 Pure Prairie League Concerts return to K-State, but Mc Cain misses the sellout mark in ticket sales 58 News For some glimpses of events that affected you 74 Point, counterpoint — Vicki Quarles, junior in social work at the University of Kansas, trades points with Kevin Kisner. The two met during the K-State-KU football game on Campanile Hill overlooking the stadium. Nancy Twiss, academic adviser for prelaw students, said that law schools look for four things in a student: (1) communication skills, especially in writing; (2) being able to think clearly and constructively; (3) understanding th e I John Zidek 148 pre-law/med applicants society he or she lives in; and (4) depth — major in a specific field. The appropriation caused a debate over allocations to all sports clubs. These honors were tourna- ment as well as KState awards.

10 getting away The long and winding road — The Bright Angel Trail proposes a challenge for hikers Drew Westcott, senior in industrial engineering, and Bruce Loyd, senior in mechanical engineering. "We want students to take the most demanding courses they can that emphasize these points," said Twiss. Other projects of senate included the improvement of campus lighting, researching, defining and making available the definition of K-State's dead week policy and passage of a bill pledging student support toward construction of a multipurpose coliseum. Jenny Koehn was K-State's Most Valu- able Player, Best Senior and Best Forearm Passer.

Facing the campus — Ralph Nader answers questions during a news conference at K-State. Scott Williams opening 5 r PWI I % f , M :'/'.: ■ mm mm WN - • ■ mmmmm. Another biology faculty member had won a modified version of the award. "Although our campaign was optimistic," Rogenmoser said, "the margin was shocking." It had been eight years since the second runner-up in the general election had won the run-off. Errors in the tenth inning of the first game against Emporia gave ESQ a 1-0 win over the Wildcats.

] J j Jt ■■ ^■HHMH| Purple music — The marching band provides the opportunity for individual talents to mold into one performance during halftime of the Nebraska football game. The last two Rhodes scholars chosen from K-State were pre-med students according to Dale. Rogenmoser received 1,218 votes while his opponent Scott Long, junior in journalism and mass communications, received 837. Janel Anderson hit Em- poria's Laurie Hill with a pitch with bases loaded, forcing in a run. K-State was eliminated in the first two rounds of the Big 8 Championships at Still- water, Okla., losing by one to both Iowa State and Missouri. "I think they were at their top poten- tial playing but we just got some bad breaks. They just got one of those hits that you can't do anything about." K-State split a doubleheader with Cloud County Community College and took two easy wins from Wichita State to put its record at 21-20 to stay above the .500 mark.

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When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters' names into a portmanteau word.

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