Updating certifier id entry not found in Camchatmantoman

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Updating certifier id entry not found in

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You'd hate to turn on those functions, only to find out that you've accidentally prevented a few hundred users from accessing servers. How to fix Lotus Notes user IDs with mismatched public keys Fortunately, the solution is a piece of cake, if you know these four steps: Unfortunately, I am not aware of any automated way to fix this problem.

Entry not found in index.” When a user tries to log in they receive this error message: "The certificate expired on 10/29" As you may have guessed we are not Lotus experts. Right click on the Icon for the Certification Log, choose database- replace design, From the template Server list, choose the server the certlog is on.

Click the checkbox to show advanced templates and choose Certification Log ( ) Click replace, and accept the warning message. Is there a quick way to find out if an ID is an Admin ID?

Also some of our existing notes ID's have expired as of today even when the experation date was set to 2099. R 4.6 and R5 are both no longer supported, time to go to at least R 6.5 I hope this helps !

To be honest we are not quite sure how to replace the design on the Certifier Log.

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If the public key in the address book is not exactly the same as the public key in your ID file, many Lotus Notes processes, such as encrypting email, will cease to function correctly.