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With the Treo 700p, Palm has included the very excellent Pocket Tunes (read our review).I experienced some odd behavior in Pocket Tunes that was not present when I had originally reviewed the application.There is also a bonus feature that you can unlock by visiting a specific URL.New Treo 700p owners can access this through the Help menu in Pocket Tunes.By: Christopher Meinck As detailed above in "What’s in the box", the Treo 700p software bundle comes complete with your standard PIM (Personal Information Manager) software including Calendar and Tasks.There have also been a few notable changes with the included software.

This application supports "native" Word, Excel, Text, Power Point and PDF documents.

The Palm Treo 700p also includes Documents To Go Professional edition.

This allows you to read and create Microsoft Office documents “on the go”.

The maximum photo size on the Treo 650 was 640 x 480 and the new camera offers a resolution of 1280 x 1024.

Lack of a flash and optics found in digital cameras, photos taken with the Treo are dependant on lighting conditions.

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Record your friend saying, Palm has always positioned the Treo as a multimedia device and rightly so.