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Updating eclipse

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So as long as the application is running and it has enough memory the information is cached.

instructions.configure=\ add Repository(type:0,location:http$//download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/4.5,name: Eclipse Mars Update Site);\ add Repository(type:1,location:http$//download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/4.5,name: Eclipse Mars Update Site); The Eclipse p2 functionality invokes actions (touchpoints) when an installable unit is installed, configured, or uninstalled.

I followed instructions in a book as to how to download and install a Maven project for Eclipse - mvn clean package and mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse and then create a new Eclipse project from the existing source.And how do I get Eclipse to recognise the new jar instead of the older version, will deleting the old jar from the filesystem be enough? You don't have to download the updated JAR, just update the version number of the JAR in your Maven POM file and do a clean and rebuild. I'm new to this so I'll just have to go figure out how to do a clean and rebuild - if you'll forgive that it's so basic, am I right in thinking that you go to the directory where the edited POM file is and do mvn clean then mvn install, please?When you do that, Maven will check your local repository (cache) and, if the jar hasn't already been downloaded, it will go to the maven repositories, find a copy, and download it (this is assuming you didn't do an offline build! Then it will use that copy to do your new build with. By default, is supports two touchpoint types, native and OSGi types.Native touchpoint actions are not directly related to Eclipse (such as file commands) while the OSGi ones are Eclipse specific.

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