Updating file attributes with vb

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Updating file attributes with vb

The Write Message() calls are now in the commands themselves, instead of in the processing functions.

The above technique should handle this gracefully, allowing you to go back and fix the problematic ones.The page errors at .inner Text with msg: Input string was not in a correct format. Once you have used Select Single Node to select the Cust ID element node you simply need to change its Inner Text e.g. All the examples i looked at people were using attributes of the child node but i have no idea specially being new to xml in In our earlier post we have seen how to Read Data from XML File using in Microsoft Excel.Rather than overwrite the originals, the updated files get saved to a new name (with "-updated" added to the filename).It is left as an exercise to put these in a separate folder or to save back to the original location (I'd rather not get blamed for overwriting valuable data :-).

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Here's the C# code: Processing file: c:\temp\-old_Problem processing file: c:\temp\-old_- "e Bad Dwg Header"Processing file: c:\temp\4076612-2. Processing file: c:\temp\Updated 5 instances of attribute ONE.