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How-To-Geek also provides some information regarding MD5SUM reading material or Cygwin can be installed and UNIX utilities used instead.

Open the Terminal app, then navigate to the directory where the ISO is saved.

It works beautifully, and I decided to try having Kubuntu, hopefully the next LTS, as my primary Linux on whatever new machine I buy next.

The Awful Aardvark experience sort of makes that promise empty, but I still do want to see what kind of end result is expected on the HP box.

Never had any problems with the search functionality in Zesty, but I did see this on the LG machine as well. There should be jail penalty for software regressions and badly performed QA. I seriously believe that software regressions should be punished. It will also help me understand better what kind of foobar we're dealing with.Ubuntu in-vivo upgrades have been relatively safe and painless in the past several years, and this attempt was no exception.This step is the most complicated and consequential in the entire installation process, so take your time.The following sections are some possible installation scenarios you might choose.

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Then run the command 'md5sum': For more a more detailed explanation of MD5SUM: [1] For a GUI (Graphic User Interface) we use UNet Bootin.