Updating subversion client

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Updating subversion client

DS_Store **cc *cpp config.status config.cache *Sun WS_cache ****closure *_la_*_la_*_la_*.all_*.all_*.all_C.

C *.all_*_meta_*_meta_unload.h *_meta_*_meta_unload. C *_meta_index.cache.bz2 .memdump Makefile.Makefile.Makefile.rules Makefile.calls autom4te.cache *Unlike CVS, Subversion doesn't generate a revision number for each file modified.

Please see the KDE Git page for more details about git within KDE.

Also note that Subversion is currently being dismantled.

Like CVS, only the committed files will be updated: you will need run This is a very fast operation, since Subversion keeps a local copy of BASE.

Each individual application has a subdirectory here. For instance, the KDE 3.4.0 code can be found under .

This directory contains the branch versions of the applications after a major release.

Refer to your system installation instructions to find out how you can install Subversion. If you are compiling from sources and want to access the KDE repository by https (and not by svn ssh), you will need SSL and ZLIB support, so you will need the The Valgrind application, which is hosted on the KDE repository, but that is not part of KDE itself.

Note that newer versions of Valgrind are developed on their own repository.

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In order to do that, a branch is created at the moment of the release, indicating the state of the files at that time. Suppose you wanted to check out only kdeedu from the KDE repository.

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