Updating the year on solaris

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Updating the year on solaris

The second reason is that Solaris users are unfamiliar with My Oracle Support, Oracle's primary support website and home to many documents that administrators can access in an effort to help themselves.

My Oracle Support boasts more than 580,000 members and 250 online communities where like-minded IT professionals can go for peer support and answers to tough questions, Seymour explained.

For starters, Gaur used to be able to access free Solaris add-ons from the Sun Solve website.

But today Sun Solve is gone -- and so are many of the freebies.

There are two main reasons why Solaris professionals initiate service requests with Oracle these days, according to conference speaker Colin Seymour, a principal engineer on Oracle's Solaris and Network team.

The first is that users just now making the move from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11 are unfamiliar with Solaris 11's new packaging system and update processes.

"Once you migrate to the Solaris 10 zone from a Solaris 10 system, [and then to the] Solaris 11 branded zone, you can't go back." Oracle Solaris admins should also get to know how ZFS boot environments work because they significantly reduce risk during upgrades, according to Seymour.

"ZFS boot environments, coupled with IPS, is like Live Upgrade on steroids," he said.

"I think it will really take some more time for [Sun] customers to get used to it," Gaur said, right after attending a session on best practices for maintaining and upgrading Oracle Solaris at the Oracle Open World conference.

"It's a little bit difficult, but we have to adjust." The GE Capital data center currently runs on Solaris 10, but Gaur knows the time to migrate to Solaris 11 is coming.

That means installing Solaris 11 while still keeping the production copy of Solaris 10 running.

Once Solaris 11 is up and running, it's time to begin migrating applications to the new environment.

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"If, however, you've still got some applications that haven't been certified yet for Solaris 11, you can migrate your entire Solaris 10 system into a branded zone on Solaris 11," Seymour said.

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