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As a useful benefit, Dream Host offers free WHOIS privacy for most domain extensions that you can register through the Dream Host panel.

There are only a few foreign/specialty registries that do not allow WHOIS privacy.

When you begin the domain registration process with Dream Host, the domain is queried in the WHOIS database to see if it is available or not. Instead, domains can only have their WHOIS updated via a ticket submitted to Dream Host support. Any change you make to your domain registration occurs immediately, including edits to WHOIS, nameserver(s), and registrant information.

The following are examples of messages that may appear in your panel when you save a change you make to a domain registration.

One aspect of this project, which we can now share more specific information about, concerns changes to the Whois system.Effective December 1, 2016, ICANN is revising its Transfer Policy.Any change made to the registrant's name, organization, or email address will put the domain in a 60-day transfer lock; it will also trigger notification emails that are sent to the old and new registrant notifying them of the change.For more information about the type of records that can be updated please see the Related Article.A, MX, SRV, LOC, TTL and CNAME records can be edited using the Customer Portal.

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Immediately after changing your information, you'll receive an email from Dream Host notifying you of the change. If you haven't verified your contact information before, you will also receive an email from [email protected] verify your name and email address.

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