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However, if you are a lover of blockbuster action movies then you definitely know the man.Apart from the screen, the singer cum actor also has a personal life which as his fan, you should know and appreciate just like his professional life. You are probably wondering why we are boring you with such information.The “Deepwater Horizon” star and executive producer told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday that he regrets asking for the pardon but noted that “some good did come out of it” because he was able to meet one of the victims and apologize, the AP said. In his November 2014 petition, Wahlberg said he was “deeply sorry” for the assaults and had worked hard to become a role model. In 2011 she appeared in the TV series Anderson Live.As of 2014, she is starring in the new A&E reality television series Wahlburgers.

As per the rumors and controversy, there are no rumors related to Alma’s professional life as well as personal life.

Though it was reported that Trinh was blinded in one eye during the attack, the victim said in 2014 that he’d lost the eye in a grenade explosion when he was with the South Vietnamese army in 1975.“He was young and reckless but I forgive him now,” Trinh told the Daily Mail.

Jeffrey Wahlberg is an American actor who is best known for his roles in Counterpart and Don’t Come Back from the Moon.

A racist, untalented piece of shit who committed violent hate crimes against multiple Vietnamese men and only decided to "apologize" for it three decades later in an attempt to get his felony record expunged so he could acquire a liquor license for his shitty restaurant.

If you want a true testament to how phony his apology was, just look at his work; virtually every movie and television show that he's involved with vilifies and mocks Asian people, particularly Asian men.

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