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Washington post dating lab

But just what goes on behind those closed-laboratory doors? Ahead, Mc Grath dishes the nitty-gritty about the Date Lab team, the selection progress, and even some dating advice. More recently, we've been trying to shake up the process now and then — sending couples out rock climbing or sailing instead of to restaurants; letting daters choose their own match (we have two of these experiments coming up); getting fans to vote for which person we should send out on a date.

And there's lots of new stuff on the horizon that we're very excited about."It seems like Date Lab combines the best of online dating with traditional matchmaking.

If that person isn't available (we've called people up only to find out they've moved, or are in a relationship, or even got married since they submitted their application), we go back to the well. Sometimes, we're looking at specific interests or hobbies that they've mentioned; other times, their answers might be about entirely different things, but share a sense of humor or tone of voice.

And we also spend a lot of time trying to read between the lines — if a guy mentions that he prefers blondes, will sending him out with a brunette be a non-starter?

I think what makes Date Lab most unique is the fact that these are truly blind dates.Christina and I usually zero in on one applicant and pull a handful of potential matches for him or her.We'll debate the pros and cons of each for a while until we settle on one.Potential daters fill out an online survey and then real humans — your team — match them up.What’s special about this process, and how does it make Date Lab stand out from other dating options?

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Every time I read that someone "likes to go out, but also likes to stay in" and "likes to have fun," a little piece of me dies. The best Date Lab applicants are the ones who include specifics, own their quirks, and are willing to reveal something unexpected or atypical about themselves."What can you tell us about your method of matching up dates?