Weird dating ideas small men dating larger men

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That’s right, the crazy cat lady *or dude* has taken it to a whole new level!No more will you have to bear your lover pointing to your most beloved fur-baby and announcing, “It’s either him, or me!Whether you’re dating a clown or a Trekkie, be safe, and have fun! You could enjoy the best sex of your life this month.” On PURRsonals, you can find cat lovers who share your love for furry friends on this website.This strange and specific dating site was even been featured on Ellen De Generes.#3 Up to 10% of dating app users leave the service within the first 3 months of using it. #4 Another interesting study showed that 62% of singles using emojis are those who want to get married.So be careful the next time you consider sending your crush a sassy winky face! #5 The majority of those pursuing online dating want to date someone of the same ethnic background. Has it been difficult finding a partner who matches your immense height?

Sex is always exciting and frisky at the start of a new relationship.

Dishonorable mentions While searching for strange dating websites to research this article, I certainly didn’t have to look far.

There was a treasure trove of highly specific websites for apparently picky people.

The website connects you with inmates located in the USA and claims that sending pen-pal letters to them will help “build their confidence.” However, it should be pointed out through sheer common sense that it is extremely dangerous to get involved with someone who is incarcerated. Phil, a man jailed for murdering his wife writes through an inmate dating service: “I don’t play games, but I can be a kind, generous, supportive, and loving friend if given the opportunity.” Would you want to be the second chance for a murderer? Be careful where you’re searching for your next great love! This website is strictly for adults who enjoy the feel of a diaper around their bottom.

[Read: 9 ways to quit attracting unhealthy relationships] #10 Do you love wearing… The website features a disturbing gallery of people posing sexily in diapers. [Read: 10 tips to help you open up about your kinky side] The internet has made it so much easier to do simple background checks on exactly who you’ve been chatting with, so as with all dating websites and apps, exercise caution, and follow your gut instinct when connecting with strangers online.

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Now the only thing standing in your way of love is making sure your cats get along!