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Who is benny medina dating

Dottley alleges that Medina “stuck his tongue” down Dottley’s throat.

Dottley claims he told Medina to stop and reiterated that he was married by pointing to his ring.

The two struggled for a bit and that is when his friend rushed to the room to help him.“[Mozelle] burst in the room and screamed something like, ‘Get off him!’ I don’t remember [exactly] what he said, but whatever he said worked,” Dottley said.“Benny Medina got off of me and grabbed me again by the chest of my shirt and threw me at — not to, but Dottley says that he told his current agent that he never wanted to be sent to any casting or projects associated with Medina.Le retour de l’ami de Dottley, qui était parti nager, a mis fin à l’agression.« Benny Medina dément catégoriquement les allégations de tentative de viol », selon un communiqué au magazine People de ses avocats, Howard Weitzman et Shawn Holley.

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They became extremely close and Medina is now the godfather to the American Idol’s 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.

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