Who is brian molko dating now who is lenny henry dating now

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Who is brian molko dating now

said on 26/Oct/16Saw Brian up-close at a Placebo concert a few years back, and he looked close to 5' 6".

I'd say he's a shade under 5' 6" in the evening (which was when I saw him play). Brian was totally dwarfed by the gangly Placebo bass player, Stefan, who looks about 6' 2" to me.

He's always depressed and he also realize that he is gonna die of cancer, u know y?

well i'll tell yah he smokes like s*** and he drinks like he'd never taste water. or at ok too much info so any questions u know where to find me k....if ur curious if he has a gf or bf well......

He and bandmate Stefan Olsdal were cross-dressers much before the formation of the band.

In an interview Molko once said that his cross-dressing was a political statement, “I actually wanted the homophobic to look at me and ask questions about their sexuality, because I believe sexuality is fluid.

said on 18/Nov/05yea right he's neither 5'6 or 5'2 he's my freakin hieght he's 5'4 ok and if u dont believe me well DO IT!!!

cuz i've seen him face 2 face and....he's really cute, he has the phisionomy of a guy/girl.

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21 years after dropping their (still excellent) self-titled debut, they remain an influence.

Just look to Rory Parnell-Mooney’s AW16 show, which referenced both the androgynous swagger of Molko and the band’s smash single “Nancy Boy”.

was all about this – charting the rise of the UK’s biggest Britpop bands it featured almost everyone imaginable on its cover, including Molko.

But unlike his peers’ appearances of typically long greasy hair and Diadora sports-jackets, Brian Molko is pictured from above, with his nipples exposed, his jet black hair centre parted, face whitened, lips reddened and eyes darkened. ’ headline, the cover read ‘Placebo: the filthiest band in Britain’.

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And in 1997 they released “Nancy Boy”, a song that Molko claimed “pokes fun at drug-induced promiscuity and that experimentation for experimentation’s sake.” The song reached number four in the UK charts (a much bigger deal then) and with its title riffing off a gay slur and its lyrics freely singing about the sexual rush, as opposed to the rush you get when your football team scores a goal, it offered a queer alternative to Shagaluf inspired anthems like Blur’s “Girls and Boys”.

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