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She has worked together with co-anchor like Ken Rosato.

With more than 30 yrs of experience in News covering, she has become the best News Anchor that WBAC-TV has.

Just asking someone about their interests will usually get them to open up.

But I might change my pickup line to “Hey do you read About magazine?

Be open and honest in the beginning and throughout the relationship; it makes a big difference.“Loving a person unconditionally after being a widow, and that person accepting that I was in love, in a long-term relationship, that ended in death and not a break up.

My husband will always be a part of me.” —Lori Stokes on the most difficult part of finding love again26 | Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor, Glen Oak High School LIVES IN: Canton TWITTER CLASSIFIED: She would be intelligent, open minded and humorous.

Lori Stokes was one of the first anchors in MSNBC franchise.

Some of her popular News shows were MSNBC Today and MSNBC Sunrise.

LOVE LESSONS: Without God, trust and effective communication, relationships suffer.

Impressed by her skill, she was then offered weekend co-anchor job in WICA.

She decided to work for WBTV channel in North Carolina in 1998.

Lori ethnicity has been determined to be African American.

Lori was only 24 yrs age when she became the medical reporter for WICA.

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I love my community—volunteering and serving others.